About Decoding Startups

Decoding Startups teaches how to embrace and execute entrepreneurship.  Like most poorly-understood topics, entrepreneurship is shrouded in a veil of mystery and skepticism; clueless worrywarts try to discourage everyone else from trying to–let alone think about–starting their own company.

Decoding Startups is your one-way ticket to getting off the “you can’t do it” bandwagon, and the beginning of understanding how your skills and talents can be used to start on your own.

Many writers write about the “7 Tips to Becoming An Entrepreneur”.  Anyone who has ever had at least one semblance of an intelligent thought knows that kind of advice is worthless.  Decoding Startups teaches systems and processes for starting up that anyone can learn and execute.  That takes away the veil of mystery that most cower behind, and enables and empowers you to achieve startup success.

As a wise man named Paul Simon once said:

“We’d like to help you learn to help yourself”

About R.C.

What sets me apart is that I’ve lived the things I write about.  I have pursued entrepreneurship, leadership, business, and finance aggressively in school and professionally, and the lessons I have learned (and continue to learn) through my efforts deliver mountains and mountains of insights which I can write about.

My experience has shown me that entrepreneurs are not born, they are made.  Successful entrepreneurs are successful because they played the game, failed a few times, and learned.

My academic background is in Taxation (M.S., Taxation) and Accounting (B.S., Accountancy).  I’ve also studied extensively in Chinese (3 years, lived in Shanghai for 8 months) and finance.  I’ve even done radio broadcasting.




RCJ Creative Group

RCJ Creative Group is a web-based marketing and web design firm located in Manchester, CT.  We are proud of our community, and are proud members of these organizations:

I also run a project that sells luxury and unique floor medallions, called Floor Medallions Online.