Become an Entrepreneur in College

If you’re in college, you’re at the finest time in your life to be an entrepreneur.

Learn how to harness the almost unfair number of resources at your fingertips to create, organize, and execute an awesome company.

The number of resources available to college students starting companies is amazing.

Mentors, accelerators, school incentives, a built-in group of people who don’t have full-time jobs and all of the time in the world to start a company (e.g. your peers!)…it seriously could not get any better.

But if you’re like most college kids dreaming about entrepreneurship, you’re probably:

  • Worried no one will take you seriously because you’re “young” and “inexperienced”
  • Caving to pressure from friends and family to get a “real job”, and do startups “after you get a few years of experience”
  • Thinking you don’t have enough money to start a company, or enough confidence / know-how to get the resources you need.

I used to think this…only my last year of college did I figure out how wrong I was.

And I want you to figure it out sooner.

The golden rule of starting a business are just as true for college students as they are for everybody else:

Starting your own company is a skillset.  It’s not magic; it’s not luck.  It’s a process that you can learn, master and execute.


I started with startups in college, and have tons of friends who have done the same.  You can too.

When I was in college, I helped found a company making high-tech football safety equipment.

I have friends who have started entertainment companies, medical device companies, and investment funds…all while in college.  They are all doing extremely well.

Why can’t you have the same for yourself? [/one_half] [one_half_last][box type="download"]  Learn how to make the leap:

  • Use your youth to your advantage
  • Use your connections with professors and school resources to quickly discover and execute business ideas
  • Find business partners easily
  • Raise funding for your idea
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