Concept Validated, Ready for Launch


Today is a happy day, I’m glad to say:

Decoding Startups has passed the test.

See, I’ve been spending the past 2 months meticulously testing the site to see if people liked the content and the way I approached entrepreneurship:

1. I posted 4 articles here.

2. I posted 2 articles as guest posts on LifeHack and Under30CEO.

3. I spent 2 months researching and studying other startup blogs and guru bloggers, all to create kick-ass content that you will love.

And I’ve gotten an overwhelmingly positive response: both hearing from readers directly, and looking at how rapidly subscribers have signed up here.

Launch Date: Monday, November 26th.

Just wanted to drop you guys a quick note and let you know what’s coming up.

Be sure to check in before the launch: I’ll be sharing some behind-the-scenes info about some of the awesome things coming up here in the next 2 months.

And I’m going to do something a little bit more powerful:

You might think that because you see me here with this blog today, having it all figured out how to develop content, write awesome posts, advertise, etc., that I must be a natural.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Actually, I used to suck at blogging.  I wasted so much time writing content on one of my previous blogs that I only had 30 subscribers on board after 6 months.

After 6 months!

You see, the reason I screwed up with my first blog was the same reason most people screw up companies:

1. I made a product without asking if anyone wanted it.

2. I cared only about seeming smart and wise, and didn’t stop to think about

3. I thought my writing was “so good” that I didn’t need to “waste any time” marketing or promoting on Facebook or Twitter.

In other words, I only cared about me.  

But it’s not me reading the blog.  It’s you.

The old me typed away, without caring what my readers wanted. That has changed entirely.

What matters is what you want, and if I can give you what you want.  What didn’t matter was my attempts at pseudo-intellectualism: but I didn’t see that.

Businesses that work succeed because they solve someone else’s problem.  Not because the founder thought it was cool.

When I realized that, I spent hundreds of hours developing content-creation skills, and learning from the best and brightest bloggers out there.

I learned how to make something that you would want.

So keep tuned here these couple weeks before the launch.  I’ve got some good stuff for you, and you’ll get a huge head-start on everyone else.



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