2013- The Year of Focus and Getting Started


It’s December 31, 2013…

You’re sitting with friends, anxiously waiting for the ball to drop.

You’re laughing over a bottle of champagne, and your mind flips back to today…January 3, 2013…

Because you become philosophical when you drink, you’ll remember that you read an article on Decoding Startups pointing out that the way to accomplish success in life—whether it be in entrepreneurship, love, personal finance, losing weight, or anything—is through setting goals, and being in it for the long term.

What will life be like for the December 31 2013 you?

What will you have done?

Will you have followed through on your goals?

Will you have even set them?

Will you be sharing with your friends how your meticulously planned business venture paid off?

Or will you be complaining with your pals about how much your job sucks; and that you’d like to do something else, but can’t “figure out how”?

Will your 2013 be your year of accomplishment? 

Ramit Sethi, my favorite blogger who writes on I Will Teach You To Be Rich, calls 2013 the “year of taking control”…the year of actively seeking to understand ourselves and the world better–the “game being played around us” as Ramit says–and taking meaningful effort and undergoing meaningful change to accomplish great things.

For me–and likely for you too–that meaningful change comes through entrepreneurship.

And I want the you of December 31, 2013 to be proud: proud of your amazing accomplishments; proud of the execution of a new business venture; proud that you had the opportunity to learn amazing things through failure and success alike.

How is the January 3rd you going to make the December 31st you proud and successful?

I introduce you to the Year of Focus and the Year of Getting Started

If you’ve begun the New Year thinking about entrepreneurship, your biggest concern is probably:

“how do I even get started?”

Do you need a good business idea?  Do you need to have a bucketload of money?  How much time do you need?  Should you quit your day job?  How do you find a business partner…do you even need one?

There’s a million different concerns pulling you in a billion different directions…and it sucks!  Miscalculate, and you could waste hundreds of hours on projects that go nowhere (trust me, I’ve been there).

But play your cards right, and the results can be amazing.

There’s no quick answer to these questions, (if it was easy, wouldn’t more people be doing it?).

Rather, something else matters way more than trying to hack together uninformed answers to pointlessly overly-tactical questions like “how many business partners should I have?”.

The Year of Focus

What if I told you that you could change your life by making 1 simple change?  

That change is focus.

And focus comes from setting long-term goals, and following through over a long period of time.

As important as focus and goals are, very few people actually care about them: per one study, 80% of Americans don’t even set goals…most of those who do don’t even write them down.

We don’t set goals because we’ve never been taught: 95% of us go get jobs where our “goal” is to get bossed around and told what to do, and to not get fired as to continue to scrape together just enough money to provide for ourselves and our family.  If that’s what you want for yourself, then continue not setting goals.

But if you want something better, planning is key.  Ever notice how the writers of the top blogs about producing passive income–for example, Pat Flynn at Smart Passive Income, and Tom Ewer at Leaving Work Behind–look back at the end of the year and discuss their success or failure in meeting their goals?  Or how courses on blogging emphasize a “repeatable formula“–i.e. a focus and a plan–that leads to success?

It’s not by accident that this theme pops up time and time again.

I tie the concept of getting started and focus so closely for one simple reason: it’s clear that the way to get started in entrepreneurship is to be focused from the beginning.

“But R.C., I know I want to start a venture, but I have no idea how to get started!  How am I supposed to focus on something I don’t know??”

My 2013 content on Decoding Startups will focus on how to get started, and how focus your time doing things that matter.

I’ll spend the year providing you with tons of awesome content on how to get started, such as:

  • Setting and crushing your goals for entrepreneurship success (why they matter, how to set them, and how to evaluate them).
  • How to come up with a good business idea.
  • How to start even while you’re still working.
  • How to find and manage business partners.
  • Building an awesome network of people who are dying to help you out.

I’ll give you a hint: success in all of these things come down to goals and focus!

Be honest with yourself:

Are you good at setting goals?  Do you focus on the long-term?  Are you regularly crushing your competition, excelling to the top of your field, and getting your stuff done?

Or do you struggle to stay focused?  Do you usually no plan out your time?  Do you feel like you’re getting nowhere, despite trying ultra-hard and being really passionate about your pursuit?

If goals and focus aren’t your strengths, that’s okay!  We’ve got the whole year together to get you focused, and get you successfully starting.

Share with us your strengths and weaknesses with goals and focus.  Do you accomplish the things you want to accomplish?  Have you been riding a wave of success and optimism?  Or do you still need to work on goal setting?




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