The Entrepreneur’s Manifesto- 6 Simple Techniques to Startup Mastery


I get this question often from readers and would-be entrepreneurs:

“There’s so much to know about being an entrepreneur…where do I even start?”

To most, entrepreneurship seems like a mysterious and perilous myth.  We think:

Entrepreneurs are different from the average person.

They like to create something out of nothing.  They take on crazy risk and do really exciting things.

They chance getting completely burned from the work they do (and sometimes they do get completely burned).

They think working in a corporate jobs is hellishly boring (…well, maybe they’re not so different after all!).

And that makes us wonder:

What is it that keeps these guys going?

Are we different from them?  Can we ever obtain the level of success they have?

What if I told you success in entrepreneurship wasn’t a secret?

Wouldn’t it be cool if what you need to be a successful entrepreneur is actually super-straightforward?

My work with entrepreneurship has shown exactly that.

Now, I never would have believed it before I started doing startup work on my own.

And I’m not saying that the execution of this is easy…quite the opposite actually.


Understanding how to be an entrepreneur is important, but easy. Going out there and actually doing it…that’s a different story!

After I got over the fear and the pounding apprehension of doing startup work, and went out there and just tried to make it work…I started to notice that the difference between successful entrepreneurs and the average person boiled down to just a few things.

6 things, to be exact:

Six simple techniques and mindsets that successful entrepreneurs use to start businesses and make money.

When I figured this out and pinned it down (I’ve spent the last year boiling down the attributes of successful entrepreneurs), I knew I had to share them with my readers:

Introducing the Entrepreneur’s Manifesto- 6 Simple Techniques to Startup Mastery

The Entrepreneur’s Manifesto is a 6-part series that dissects and analyzes entrepreneurial success.

It teaches the little things that entrepreneurs do differently that puts them in a league all their own.

And more importantly, it teaches you how you can do it too.

What you read will surprise you.

You’ll realize the same thing I did when I went to figure out the secret of successful entrepreneurs:

Success has been sitting in front of your nose the entire time.  

Remember my #1 saying about entrepreneurship:

“starting your own company is a skillset. It’s not magic; it’s not luck. It’s a process that you can learn, master and execute.”

I’ll be writing an article about each of the 6 parts of the Manifesto, starting next week:

The Manifesto

An entrepreneur:

  1.  Constantly creates solutions to problems
  2. Realizes the value is in the execution, not the idea
  3. Is in it for the long haul
  4. Cares greatly about relationships with others
  5. Thinks time management is their second God
  6. Creates systems for success, and realizes doing so is the only way to be a successful entrepreneur

If you can approach these 6 things with the proper mindset and determination, your odds of entrepreneurial success are a helluva lot higher.

“Umm…RC, you’re telling me that your 6 articles are going to make me a successful entrepreneur??”

Not a snowball’s chance in hell.

These articles are for you to use as a launching point.  By changing the way you think about entrepreneurship, you change the way you act.  

But acting is up to you.

If you’re still skeptical, I understand.  Given the way most people write about entrepreneurship, I can see why.

Most blogs and articles I read about “how to start a business” are, quite frankly, stupid.

It looks like they were put together by a freshman English major interning at an SEO company learning how to stuff articles with keyword at the expense of actually-useful content (not that they’d know anything about starting a company anyway!).

How many more “The 5 Tips to be an Entrepreneur” articles does this world need?

Answer: none, and the ones that are already out there should suffer a fate the equivalent of an e-tarring and feathering, and dragged through cyberspace on the back of an e-horse drawn e-carriage while all of the other articles e-laugh and e-sneer.


What an odd analogy…

Around here, I do things a bit differently than most blogs.

Here at Decoding Startups, I make a No Bullshit pledge to my readers.  Everything I write about and talk about is something I’ve:

  • Done myself,
  • Something I’ve studied from extensive, citeable research, or
  • Learned by actually going and asking a successful entrepreneur “how did you do that?”
You'll be this happy with the Entrepreneur's Manifesto, or your money back!

You’ll be this happy with the Entrepreneur’s Manifesto, or your money back!

And that’s what makes the Entrepreneur’s Manifesto so powerful.  It’s something that has worked before, and it’s something that will work for you too.

 In the comments below, let me know what you want me to focus on, and what’s important to you.

Do any of the points above surprise you?  Anything you think I’m missing?  Let me know!


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