How to Find an Awesome Business Idea

Just this week, I came up with about 3 solid business ideas.

These weren’t goofy, half-baked ideas: I could probably turn all of them into a profitable business, given the time and interest.

In fact, I liked one of them enough that I’m working on one of them now, and will consider working on the other one in the future.

And honestly, it really didn’t take that much work to come up with any of them.  I just thought about it for a cumulative total of ~2 hours, and they came to me.

But it’s not easy for many people.  In fact, many aspiring entrepreneurs think it’s one of the hardest parts of starting a business.

I met a guy at a networking mixer a few weeks ago, and what I told him what I did, he said “That’s pretty cool.  I’d think the hardest part of starting a company would be coming up with a good idea.”

My response?

“No way!  Coming up with an idea is the easiest part!”

Lots of people think coming up with  good idea is the hardest part.  And it’s not because they’re dumb or unmotivated: this guy I talked to had a successful, high-paying careers with one of the many insurance companies in Hartford.