Finding a Killer Business Idea

Some people come up with potentially-profitable business ideas on a daily basis.

How do you master the art of coming up with and validating business ideas?

It used to be I was scared of entrepreneurship primarily because I didn’t think I was “good enough” to come up with a good idea.

I remember the first-ever time I came up with an idea, I was so scared to tell people because 1.) I didn’t want them to steal it, and 2.) I didn’t want anyone to criticize it…my idea…my baby.

Fast-forward to today.  My peer group and I come up with startup ideas on an almost-daily basis.

I still have a problem with ideas today…the problem is I don’t have enough time in the day to do all of them!

Coming up with startup ideas is like the rest of entrepreneurship:

Starting your own company is a skillset.  It’s not magic; it’s not luck.  It’s a process that you can learn, master and execute.


I used to think I could never come up with a good business idea.  Now, I come up with ideas all of the time.

My life goal has been simple: learn how to start up anything.  In that journey, I’ve done all sorts of startups ranging from software to manufacturing.  And I’m proud to say that my efforts have been successful.

I want to take what I learned the hard way, and teach it to you in a straightforward, action-based way that will help you shorten the learning curve, and start creating massive value for yourself and the world.

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  • Business ideas that are guaranteed to make money
  • Developing and flexing the”idea muscle”
  • Understanding what’s more important than ideas (despite what you’ve been told)
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